Camí de Balàfia

Finest grilled meat and chips on the island

UJ favourite, Camí de Balàfia in the north (on the Sant Joan road, it’s the second to last restaurant on the stretch on the way to a hamlet of the same name) is dominated by a huge grill where they serve grilled free-range chicken, lamb chops and steak with the delicious chips hand peeled by the grandfather – the best on the island! Make sure you try the tomato salad to start; even if you’re not usually a fan, these are something special.

Top Tip:
Reserve in advance and bring cash as credit cards are not accepted. There are no veggie options, so if you are dining with vegetarians, make sure they like tomatoes and chips.

Phone:+ 34 971 32 50 19
Address:Carretera Sant Joan, Camino Santa Eulalia

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