Jonathan Downey

Serial entrepreneur, founder of @HospoUnion and @streetfeastldn

Jonathan Downey first visited Ibiza with his mate Robert in 1982 – “just before Wham’s Club Tropicana put the island on the music/party map. We hired a Montesa 250 (that’s a motorbike, kids) and rode the entire island.” He’s been back every year since, his reasons ranging from “I can get everything I want all in one place” to “I never get a hangover in Ibiza!”

Jonathan Downey’s Top Tips

  1. Check in your attitude and expectations at Luton/Stansted and be prepared for things to be different. Tune into Ibiza Global Radio 97.6FM the minute you land.
  2. Do all the usual tourist-y stuff properly at least once and with a completely open and positive mind – Café del Mar and Mambo for the sunset, Pacha on a Friday night…
  3. Get a car with a proper sound system (any X5 will usually do it) and go with someone who wants to drive everywhere. It’s the only real way to get around. I am available for driving and music duties throughout June, July and August…


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