Leave your little ones in the safest of hands – from home to event babysitting

Kids in Ibiza

From babysitting, buggy hire and recommending family friendly restaurants to organizing and supervising days out, kids parties and events, leave it all to Kids in Ibiza. Speak to Christina.

Babe Watch Ibiza

With a beach crèche open through July and August, Helen at Babe Watch Ibiza runs a daily programme jampacked with arts and craft, music, dance, dressing up and more. Day and night babysitting and nanny services also available for at home or events. A kids’ hotel for all nighter mums and dads is in the pipeline!

Deliciously Sorted

Hire a nanny and bounce once the bedtime tales are told to avoid any nocturnal ‘not in front of the kids!’ moments. And because you wouldn’t trust just anyone with your little ones, leave the arrangements with top concierge company Deliciously Sorted.

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